Epoxy is a very strong chemical that creates a sturdy bond that is tough to break. You can use epoxy resin to coat a table. This will create a thick and very durable layer that will strengthen the table. Use epoxy resins on polyurethane tables but apply it properly and carefully as it can be very difficult to remove.

Step 1

Clean the table thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth. Work until the table is completely clean.

Step 2

Mix the two parts of the epoxy together according to the manufacturer's directions. Epoxy will always come in two parts. Once you mix them you will have to use the epoxy within a certain amount of time.

Step 3

Pour a thin layer of epoxy over the polyurethane table. Don't use a brush but allow the epoxy to smooth out over the table. Catch the drips on newspaper or a disposable drop cloth.

Step 4

Wipe any drips of epoxy with a cloth soaked in acetone.

Step 5

Pop any bubbles with a thin needle.

Step 6

Let the coat of epoxy sit for several hours until it is completely hard. It will take up to one week to cure completely so don't put anything on the table until then as it can fuse to the table top.