Particle board is a reconstituted wood product used to some degree in most modern-day construction projects. Though care must be taken to ensure moisture cannot access it, particle board has proved to be a good building material. Proper storage is just as critical as the sealing process. Avoid moisture from rain and condensation to keep particle board strong and intact. Applying a waterproof sealant before installation adds a little time to any construction project, but it guarantees lasting results.


Measure all pieces of particle board needed for the project. Mark off the dimensions and cut the boards using a circular saw. Wear safety glasses when cutting this product. It can kick back splinters that will go in the eyes.

Apply a coat of clear acrylic sealant to all edges of the boards. Add a layer to any area that might be exposed to moisture. Do this by shaking up the can of sealant, opening the lid with a screwdriver and painting the product onto the wood using a paintbrush. Paint rollers can be used, but they do not penetrate the wood as well.

Allow the wood several hours to completely dry. Install the particle board when dry.