How to Install a Sterling Shower Base

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Things You'll Need

  • Razor

  • Push broom

  • Drain and gaskets

  • Carpenter's level

  • Wood shims

  • Mortar

  • 5-gallon bucket

  • Trowel

  • Drain dam

  • Roofing nails

  • Hammer

  • Power screwdriver

Installing a sterling shower base requires some advanced skills in carpentry and plumbing. This one-piece shower floor unit installs in the showering area flush against the wall framing and sub floor. It is designed to drain water from the shower and is angled to funnel water towards a single drain hole. In order to drain properly, the shower base has to rest on a level surface. This is the most important part of your installation.

Step 1

Remove the existing shower walls with a crowbar and razor. Pry the drywall off the sides of the walls and strip the entire shower area to the wall framing. Clean the entire area with a push broom and remove all waste.

Step 2

Install the shower base drain by inserting the top half of the drain into the drain hole so the threaded end points through the bottom of the base. Slide the gaskets around the bottom of the drain and thread the lower half of the drain onto the unit. Tighten the two halves to secure the drain.

Step 3

Dry fit the Sterling shower base into the installation area. If the area is not a plywood floor, install the supplied mounting pad in the showering area first. Press the shower base up against the framing walls. Check every side of the shower base with a level. Place shims under the shower base whereever the base is not level.

Step 4

Remove the shower base and install a mortar bed, if necessary. If the base is not level and cannot be leveled using shims, mortar is recommended. Mix mortar in a 5-gallon bucket. Install a dam inside the drain hole. Spread mortar over the installation area with a trowel.

Step 5

Remove the drain dam and place the shower base into the installation area. Press the base into position with the sides flush to the framing walls. Level the base with a carpenter's level. Once level, nail roofer's nails to the studs directly on top of the shower base lip to hold the base. Mount the shower base fasteners to the stud framing to secure the shower base in place.

Step 6

Install the cement board on the framing walls with drywall screws and a power screwdriver, overlapping the shower base lip. Seal the seams between the shower base and cement board with silicone sealant.

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