How to Open a Tube of Silicone 2 Rubber Sealant

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Silicone 2 rubber sealants are used on tubs or materials that will not require painting. The silicone material is squeezed out of the tube and onto the surface as necessary, usually using a chalking gun. The material seals the surface and prevents water damage. You can open the sealant tube with a pair of scissors.


Step 1

Check the "Use by" date on the tube of sealant. If the date listed on the sealant is overdue, the rubber sealant is no longer good.

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Step 2

Remove the cap from the top. The cap is on the sealant so that when the job is finished, the owner can reseal the tube and use the silicone sealant again later.

Step 3

Select a pair of scissors and cut off the end of the applicator nozzle at the tip of the tube. Cut the nozzle at a slight angle for the best application results.