How to Treat a Crawl Space for Insects

A crawl space is an important part of many houses. It is used for access to pipes, the foundation and other areas beneath the house that may require attention. Crawl spaces can also be used for storage of infrequently used items. However, certain problems can arise within a crawl space. Pests like rodents and insects can get into the house through the crawl space, and the crawl space itself can house mold and fungus if it is not treated. Insects present one of the biggest problems created by crawl spaces; however, treating a crawl space for insects is not a challenging project.

Step 1

Seal your crawl space with a commercial sealant to close cracks and holes or purchase sheeting or other devices to completely encapsulate the walls of your crawl space. Openings in a crawl space allow moisture to get in, providing an excellent habitat for bugs. Those same openings also provide places for insects to enter the crawl space and your house.

Step 2

Dehumidify your crawl space. Dehumidifiers are machines that control the amount of moisture within the crawl space, which will keep insects from being attracted to the environment. This also helps control the natural moisture from the ground.

Step 3

Use pest repellent sprays and traps to get rid of existing insect problems. Fly paper, bug sprays and ant traps can all help to reduce the number of insects within your crawl space. For especially bad insect problems, consider fumigating your house or using a bug bomb in the crawl space.

Step 4

Lay down plastic sheeting on the floor of your crawlspace if it is gravel or concrete. Concrete and gravel are porous flooring and provide spaces for insects to live.