What Is the Best Thing to Clean a Laminate Floor With?

One of the advantages of laminate flooring over stone or wood floors is that maintenance and cleaning is straightforward and easy. Modern laminate flooring is resistant to scuffing, fading and burning, making it a durable flooring material. The best product for cleaning laminate floors is a specialty laminate floor cleaning solution, according to John Chappell, an independent wood and laminate floor assessor in the United Kingdom with more than 16 years' experience, including with Pergo. These are sold at home improvement stores and large grocery chains.

Protect laminate floor surfaces by cleaning them with a specialty cleaner.


Grit can scratch laminate floors so sweep or vacuum the floor every day to remove dust and grit. Use a soft-bristle broom to sweep the floor and collect the sweepings with a dust pan and brush. Alternatively, vacuum the laminate floor using a hard floor attachment. Never use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating carpet beating bar because this might dent the laminate floor surface.


Use specialty laminate floor cleaning solution to clean the laminate floor of dirt and grime and restore its shine. Ideally, use the specific specialty floor cleaner recommended by the laminate floor manufacturer. Spray the cleaner onto the microfiber pad of a long-handled flat mop. Don't spray on too much cleaner because this can leave streaks on the laminate floor. Mop the laminate floor in the same direction as the grain. Fix a clean, dry microfiber pad to the mop head and dry the floor surface.


Never use polish, wax or varnish on laminate floors because these substances can damage the surface over time. Glossing agents can give laminate floors an unsightly, patchy look and, in some cases, invalidate the floor's warranty. Avoid soap-based floor cleaners because these can make laminate floors sticky and dirty.


Mop up any liquids or spills as quickly as possible. Standing water on laminate floors can lead to cracking or warping. Place items such as pet water bowls on a mat and never directly on the laminate floor surface. Consider covering laminate floors in high-traffic areas, such as near doors and along hallways, with mats or area rugs.