If you think slugs in your garden are a nuisance, imagine slugs in your dishwasher. And if you don't have to use your imagination because there actually are slugs in your dishwasher, be assured there are several methods to rid your kitchen of these pests. Most methods are practical, safe and require little effort.

Keep your dishwasher clear of slugs.

Step 1

Filler your dishwasher with bleach instead of dishwasher detergent. You do not have to make a water and bleach mixture because the bleach will mix with the water your dishwasher already uses. Run you dishwasher through two cycles using this method. The bleach will kill slugs and remove any residue left behind. Run your dishwasher through one cycle with regular detergent before washing dishes.

Step 2

Make an ammonia solution in a spray bottle. Fill the bottle 75 percent full with water. Fill the rest of the bottle with ammonia. Shake the bottle until the ammonia has saturated the water. Spray the slugs in your dishwasher with the solution.

Step 3

Place a shallow saucer or pie tin at the center of your dishwasher. Fill the saucer to the brim with stale beer. Slugs are attracted to the smell of yeast and will make their way to the beer. Once in the beer, the slugs will drown. The beer trap is best done overnight or at a time when you will not be using the dishwasher for an extended period.