How to Keep Spider Webs Out of Window Sills

One common household problem is spider webs and cobwebs accumulating in window sills and between the screen and the window. This irritation is particularly troublesome during the summer months when you want to open up those windows. Follow these directions and you will be spider free when you want to let the fresh air in.

Watch out for this one

Step 1

Identify the spiders that are making a home out of your window sill. It is unlikely that they are dangerous spiders, but you want to be sure before you go diving right into the webbing to get rid of them. If they are dangerous, then consider contacting an exterminator.

Step 2

Wet a washcloth and wring it out. Take a broom handle or mop head and wrap the wash cloth around it. Hold the washcloth in place with a hair band or strong rubber bands by wrapping them around the handle and the washcloth at the same time.

Step 3

Run the washcloth around the window sill thoroughly several times. Get every nook and cranny of the window. Go inside first and then all along the window frame outside and between the screen and window. The wet washcloth will grab and hold the webbing.

Step 4

Deposit the used washcloth directly into the washing machine and wash. Do not touch the washcloth as their could be spiders in it. Simply cut the rubber band or hair band and the washcloth will drop into the wash.

Step 5

Clean the window sills from top to bottom with a strongly scented pine cleaner. Spiders do not like the smell, and it is a natural deterrent for future spider webs.

Step 6

Purchase some spider killer at your local department store. Spray this around the entire perimeter of the window outside. Repeat for the inside of the window sills, paying particular attention to any crevices. Let it dry before moving on.

Step 7

Take some sealant and fill in any cracks or holes in and around your window. Some cracks are there for the function of the window, so be sure to not seal them up. Just look for areas that were set poorly on installation or damaged areas.

Step 8

Check the screen and make sure it fits snugly. Screens can be adjusted and the tighter the screen fits, the better job it will do keeping out spiders. If you have large areas open, replace the screens.

Step 9

Keep the window sill dusted regularly. This will help as it will reduce the chances of insects. This will reduce spiders, as insects are what they are after in the first place. Take away their food and you take away the spider.

Step 10

Repeat Step 1 at least once per month during the summer months. In the winter, once every 2 months should suffice.