Does Vacuuming Kill Bugs & Spiders?

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Suck them up with a vacuum hose.

Spiders and bugs are always on the move looking for food, shelter and a place to nest. Sometimes the insect and arachnid worlds collide with that of humans. When it does, shrieks of terror often arise at the sight of one of these creepy crawlers traveling across the floor. If squishing the bugs and spiders with the heel of a shoe is unappetizing, vacuuming is the next best thing.


Suck and Suffocate

While it seems that the sucking action of the vacuum is enough to kill spiders and bugs, this is not always the case. Fragile spiders and bugs that lack a hard exoskeleton often succumb to the vacuum; critters that survive the suction process are taken care of inside the vacuum bag. The density of the dirt, dust and hair inside the vacuum bag suffocates whatever live creatures it sucks up.


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Vacuum Type Matters

The type of vacuum matters when it comes to killing bugs and spiders. A vacuum that sucks its contents directly into a bag is more effective than one that sucks everything into a filtered canister. A quick check to ensure the proper attachment of the bag before vacuuming increases the likelihood that the critters die inside. Sucking up a small amount of talcum powder before and after vacuuming also assists in the suffocation of the bugs and spiders.


Throw it Away

The immediate disposal of the vacuum bag after vacuuming ensures that what is inside the bag stays there. Although it is unlikely, a few critters sometimes survive the sucking and suffocation ordeal. Detaching the vacuum bag and placing it into a plastic garbage bag traps any bugs or spiders that try to escape. Sealing the bag tightly and disposing of it in an outside trash bin secures a death sentence.


Final Thoughts

It is reasonable not to want bugs and spiders in the home, workplace or anywhere that a surprise encounter is likely to occur. Vacuuming up these invaders helps kill those that are within view, but does nothing for those hiding in cracks, crevices and shoes inside the closet. To help control the bug and spider population inside the home, vacuum up visible webs and spider eggs. Keeping the home clean and clutter free also helps.



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