Requalifying your propane tank can make the difference between powering your home and living with no appliances and cold water. All propane tanks and cylinders must be inspected and requalified within 12 years of the date they were manufactured. If your propane tank does not pass the inspection test, you will be forced to purchase a new tank. Knowing how to requalify your propane tank can help you do it again, since you must go through the process every five to seven years after the initial requalification.

The date of a propane tank is on the side of the tank.

Step 1

Check the side of the propane tank. Engraved in the tank is the tank's manufacture date. If it has been 12 years from this date, you must requalify your tank.

Step 2

Access the Propane Safety website, and then put your ZIP code into the "Enter ZIP code" text box. Choose "Yes" or "No" to the "Are You Currently a Propane Customer?" question.

Step 3

Choose what your propane is used for. For example, if the propane tank is used for residential proposes, such as giving energy to your household; choose the "Residential Services" box. If the tank is used to power up kitchen appliances or water heaters, choose the "Appliances" box. Click the "Find a ZIP" link to continue.

Step 4

Choose a company from the specifications that you chose. Write down their number and contact them. Talk to the representative and ask them to set an appointment for them to come out and requalify your propane tank.

Step 5

Wait for the date of the requalification. The specialist will inspect the propane tank by checking the outside of the tank and figuring out if it is able to hold propane.