How to Get a Hunter Programmable Thermostat Working Again

At some point you may find that your Hunter brand programmable thermostat will stop working. Not only will it stop working, but it will fail at either the hottest or the coldest time of the year. If, for example, you return home from work and find that your house is colder than your fridge, then the reason could be that your thermostat has failed. Before you replace it, try these tips to get your Hunter programmable thermostat working again.

Step 1

Check your thermostat. If you see an error code on the screen, then it has not completely failed and just needs to be rebooted. Open the cover and use a straightened paper clip to press the reset button.

Step 2

If the reset button doesn't work, remove the batteries and wait for the screen to go completely blank. This could take up to 3-5 minutes. Put new batteries in and reprogram your thermostat.

Step 3

If the screen is completely blank and you can't get it to work again by replacing the batteries, then your programmable thermostat has just become an overpriced doorstop. While complete failure is rare, it can happen. You can either call the Hunter Tech support hotline at 1-888-830-1326 and have them tell you the same, or you can just visit your local Lowes or Home Depot to get another one.