How to Replace a Filter on a Carrier Performance 80 Furnace

Replace the filter on your Carrier Performance 80 furnace at least twice a year, according to the manufacturer. Periodically installing a new disposable filter will prevent undue stress on the furnace; not to mention it will also keep your energy bills tame. Use the same type and size filter as the old one; compare them side by side when you pull the old one out just to be sure. Filter replacement on the Carrier 80 is simple.

Step 1

Turn the electrical supply switch on the furnace to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Open the filter cabinet door. There may either be a knob that you turn counterclockwise or a screw that you twist out with a screwdriver to release the door.

Step 3

Grab the old filter with your hands and gently tug it out of the cabinet. Place it in a trash bag.

Step 4

Install the new filter by simply pushing it into the housing where the old one was and close the cabinet door.

Step 5

Turn the electrical supply switch to the "On" position to start your furnace again.