Troubleshooting American Harvest Pellet Stoves

"Err1" means the high limit switch tripped. Check for adequate ventilation, then check that the fan is working and that nothing is blocking the exhaust. "Err2" means you are out of fuel. If you have fuel in the hopper, either the auger has jammed or the fire wasn't burning hot enough and went out. You'll get an "Err3" when the stove doesn't get hot enough fast enough, and the causes are the same as the "Err2." Make sure the auger is working and get a hot fire going. "Err4" is for power failure--check your service panel and the stove wiring. "Err5" through "Err8" happen when a fuse blows in (respectively) the auger, the agitator, the draft fan or the room fan. If a fuse blows, it means the device has either jammed or failed.

Troubleshooting American Harvest Pellet Stoves

American Harvest Error Codes


If your stove starts to whistle when it gets very hot, call American Harvest Customer Service at (800) 750-2723 and they will send you something to eliminate the noise.

Loose or Jammed Auger

When the auger is loose, it has slipped too far forward. Turn the auger while pushing it back---you'll feel it slide in place and you won't be able to turn the auger anymore. When the auger jams, take it out and clean it. Frequent auger jams are caused by poor quality fuel---high-quality pellets allow your stove to operate as efficiently as possible.

Lazy Flame and Fuel Buildup

When you see lazy orange flames and the fuel building up rather than burning off, you need to shut down the stove and clean out the burnpot and burnpot housing. Tap the firebox walls and clean behind the lower access plates. Check the exhaust system next to make sure the fan is moving the air, and clean out the system if necessary. When you run the stove, make sure the door is completely sealed and that nothing is blocking the intake or exhaust.

Window Gets Black

A black, sooty window is caused by one of two things. When you run the stove, be sure to open the damper enough so that the fuel burns completely. If you have your damper open and the fuel still isn't burning, it means that the fuel is too wet. Keep a week's supply of fuel in your house at all times during the heating season so it has a chance to dry out before you use it.

Unit Cycles Up and Down

This usually happens when the stove is about to overheat. Turning the temperature setting down will solve the problem.

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