How to Put a Battery in a White-Rodgers Thermostat

White-Rodgers is a leading manufacturer of thermostats for homes or businesses. Not all White-Rodgers thermostats take batteries. Many models are directly hard-wired into the electrical system of the home. Others are hard-wired with a battery backup, while others require batteries to function. Installing batteries into a White-Rodgers thermostat is a simple task, but one that needs to be done properly for the thermostat to function efficiently.

White-Rodgers Thermostat

Step 1

Look at the back of the thermostat if you have not used it yet. The White-Rodgers company includes batteries with your purchase. On the back, you will see the battery compartment. There will be a battery tag protruding from the battery compartment. Pull and remove the battery tag. Look at the front display. If the batteries are good, the front battery display will show four bars. If there are not four bars, you will need to install fresh batteries.

Step 2

Turn the thermostat to off and remove it from the wall base.

Step 3

Turn over the thermostat and remove the back of the battery panel.

Step 4

Remove the old batteries and discard accordingly.

Step 5

Insert the new batteries and snap the back of the battery panel into place. Turn over the thermostat and look at the front panel to make sure the battery icon has four full bars.

Step 6

Replace the thermostat into the wall mount.

Traci Joy

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