How to Attach a Garden Hose to a Bathroom Sink

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There are several reasons you might want to attach a garden hose to a bathroom sink, the first and foremost being that it provides easier access to where you need your water to go, such as the terrace, the backyard or another room in the house. Fortunately, connecting the hose to the faucet is fairly easy and requires a faucet hose adapter. The first step is to remove the aerator so you can install the adapter, and you'll be on your way to attaching the garden hose to the bathroom sink.


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How to Remove an Aerator

To remove the aerator from your faucet, start by plugging your sink. Faucet aerators are made up of a few small parts: rubber washer, casing, small screen. You don't want to lose these parts in the process of removing your aerator and have them swept into the drain, so be sure to use a stopper or cover the drain with a rag.


Next, try removing the aerator by turning it counterclockwise. In many cases, the aerator isn't screwed in too tightly and will loosen with the force of your hand alone. If that doesn't work, you can try removing the aerator with a pair of pliers. If you're planning to reuse the aerator, wrap it in masking tape to protect the finish.


If the aerator is stuck, there are a few tricks you can try to remove it, including using rubber strap wrenches instead of pliers, cleaning the aerator with white vinegar and using WD-40.

How to Use and Remove the Adapter

Once the aerator is removed, you can screw the faucet hose adapter into the opening of the faucet spout, then screw the hose onto the adapter. To remove the adapter, you can simply unscrew it, though if it's stuck you can refer to the alternative removal methods mentioned in relation to the faucet aerator, such as using white vinegar or WD-40. Reinstall the aerator by twisting it clockwise into place.


Different Types of Adapters

If a standard adapter doesn't work and you have a straight-neck faucet that's a maximum of 1 1/4 inches deep and wide, you can use a Claber Koala adapter. To use, remove the male hose connector from the Koala, flip open the pressure lever and turn the adapter clockwise. Slide the Koala onto the faucet, turn the adapter counterclockwise, flip the pressure lever closed, then screw the male hose connector into the hose and push the connector into the Koala until you hear a click.

Another option is a snap adapter, which comes in two pieces: one piece to replace your faucet aerator and one piece that attaches to your garden hose. For this type of adapter, you'll need a quick connect fitting for the garden hose. The quick connector will help you more easily connect the hose to the faucet.