How to Glue Broken Porcelain Back Together

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If you have a number of pieces to glue together, work from the inside out. This will help prevent not having enough space for the inside pieces.


Avoid quick drying glue for most porcelain projects. In many cases, the glue will dry too fast and prevent you from adjusting the pieces for the best fit.

How to Glue Broken Porcelain Back Together. Breaks happen, but in some cases, you may be able to glue your broken porcelain back together. Porcelain that has broken into many small pieces may not be fixable, as the space for the glue may warp the overall shape. However, with a little planning, you can often save pieces with a few breaks. Read on to learn how to glue broken porcelain back together.


Step 1

Clean and dry the pieces that you need to reattach. This will help ensure that the glue will hold and that dirt, adhesives or other substances won't interfere with the glue. As you let the pieces dry, note how you must fit the pieces back together again. You may want to lay the pieces out in the right order so that you can remember where they go.

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Step 2

Choose a clear epoxy glue and apply a thin coat to one of the sides that will fit together. You can use a matchstick or toothpick for small pieces or a thin spatula for larger ones. A slower drying glue will give you time to fit the piece and get it pressed into place. Use as little glue as you can to prevent glue build-up between the pieces.


Step 3

Clamp the pieces together while the glue dries. The particular method you use depends on the size and shape of your porcelain piece. Masking tape, modeling clay or rubber bands can be good choices for many shapes.

Step 4

Wipe off the excess glue with a cotton swap that has been dipped in acetone or other solvent. You'll need to do this several times through the curing process to make sure that you get all the excess glue off.

Step 5

Let the glued porcelain pieces cure for the time recommended by the epoxy manufacturer. Many glues take about a week to fully cure and dry. Leave the clamps and supports in place for the entire time.