Fluorescent lights are a common fixture in most homes. They give off plenty of light while using less electricity. Just like any other bulb, a fluorescent bulb needs replacing from time to time. Fluorescent bulbs insert into connectors known as tombstones because of their design. One connector has a slot for removing and installing the fluorescent bulbs. Bulbs that need replacing will have dark or smoky-colored ends. Replacement fluorescent bulbs are available at hardware stores and home-improvement centers.

Step 1

Turn off the light switch to the fluorescent light fixture.

Step 2

Remove the fluorescent light fixture cover. Some simply snap in and out, some slide off and others have two small screws on each end requiring a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 3

Place your hands on each end of the fluorescent bulb, with your thumbs under the bulb. Rotate the bulb toward you with your thumbs. When the bulb is loose, carefully pull the right end of the bulb through the notch on the right connector. Pull the left side of the bulb straight out of the left side connector.

Step 4

Inspect the bulb ends for darkness and replace as necessary. Installation is the reverse order of removal.