How to Remove a Doorbell Button

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The ding-dong of your doorbell is a welcome sound when it means your food delivery is there or your guests have arrived. But when the bell goes silent or the doorbell button looks drab and outdated, it might be time to remove the old doorbell button and replace it with a new one. Removing a doorbell button is a relatively easy, straightforward home improvement project as long as you follow safety protocols.


Reasons to Remove a Doorbell

One of the most common reasons to remove a doorbell is because it stops working. You can remove the button to troubleshoot the doorbell, or you might decide to simply replace it instead of trying to determine what's wrong with the old one.

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You might also remove the doorbell if you're replacing it with an upgraded model. If it's the original doorbell on an older house, it might look outdated or dingy. Even if the doorbell still looks good, many people decide to upgrade to a camera doorbell for increased security. Removing the old doorbell first lets you install the new model seamlessly without an extra button on your house.


Observe Safety Protocols

Safety should always be your priority, so shut off the electricity to the doorbell button by shutting off the breaker that controls it. Test the doorbell to make sure it doesn't work after you shut off the electricity. Before you install a new doorbell, read the instructions that come with it to ensure you connect it properly.


Unscrew the Doorbell Button

Doorbell buttons are typically attached to your house with screws. Grab a screwdriver and remove the screws. In some cases, you'll notice caulking around the doorbell. You'll need a utility knife to cut the caulk carefully without damaging your siding. Once there's nothing holding the button to the siding from the outside, you can pull it off.


Disconnect the Doorbell Button Wires

The only thing left holding the doorbell to your house should be the wires. They're usually attached to the button with screws. Use a screwdriver to loosen them enough to remove the wires. Once the button is free, you can set it aside if you're going to reuse it or dispose of it if you have a new doorbell.


After you disconnect the button, tape the wires to the siding until you can attach the new doorbell or reconnect the old one. You can also attach a clip that's wider than the wire opening to them. This prevents the wires from slipping inside the wall, where you'll have to dig them out when it's time to connect the button.



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