How to Get Scratches Off Epoxy

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With a bit of sanding, you can make even serious scratches in an epoxy surface disappear.

An epoxy coating over a surface provides a strong and durable wear layer for the surface, absorbing damage that would otherwise mar the surface beneath. As the damage mounts up, though, the coating can appear dull and dirtied. Removing the scratches from the epoxy helps restore the sheen of the material and make the epoxy coating appear like new, while leaving behind enough material to continue protecting the surface beneath.


Step 1

Clean the epoxy-covered surface using a sponge saturated with cleanser created from mixing mild liquid soap with water in a small bucket until suds foam. Use a gentle circular motion with the sponge to remove any dirt from the surface, switching to a scrub brush when the dirt proves difficult to remove. Rinse the soap from the epoxy with clean water and then pat the surface dry with a lint-free cloth.


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Step 2

Place a quarter-sized dollop of furniture polish in the center of a lint-free cloth. Rub the polish onto any light scratches in the epoxy. Use small circles to distribute the polish evenly across the scratches, lightly abrading the surface with the polish until the scratches fade into the rest of the epoxy covering.

Step 3

Wet a piece of 660-grit wet/dry sandpaper in a bucket of clean water to the point of saturation. Use the sandpaper to remove deeper scratches in the epoxy. Sand the scratched surface with a back-and-forth motion, following the line of the scratch until you grind down the edges of the scratches to create a smooth surface. Sand until the scratch is no longer visible in the epoxy covering.


Step 4

Change the sandpaper to a fine-grit sheet and then use the same circular motions used with the furniture polish to smooth out the sanded area even further. Sand the area until you can no longer feel a difference in texture between the scratched area and the surrounding epoxy.

Step 5

Wash the epoxy-covered surface again with the soap, then rinse and dry. Polish the entire surface with furniture polish to restore the sheen of the epoxy while blending the repaired area in with the rest of the surface.



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