How to Repair Concrete Floors After Removing Tack Strips

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The tack strips used to secure carpeting to a concrete slab are equipped with small, hardened nails that penetrate and grip the concrete. These small nails must be pried out as the tack strip is removed, and they typically chip out the concrete gripped by them. Whether you are repairing these blemishes for a new floor coating or simply want to improve the appearance of the concrete floor, patching holes left behind by the removal of tack strips is a simple procedure that quickly restores the floor's smooth surface.


Step 1

Wipe across the damaged concrete with a wire brush to remove cracked or chipped edges from the tack-strip nail holes.

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Step 2

Sweep the area with a broom or small brush to remove any loosened concrete, dirt or other debris.

Step 3

Mix a quantity of epoxy concrete patch according to the manufacturer's directions.


Step 4

Apply a dollop of epoxy concrete patch to each nail hole and smooth over with a putty knife.

Step 5

Allow the epoxy concrete patch to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before applying any floor coating or treatment.



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