How to Remove Berry Stains from Concrete

Concrete is a very popular material for walkways, paths and countertops. Unfortunately, due to concrete's porous natures, stains can be very frustrating. If you have one of the more stubborn stains like a berry stain, do not fret. This article will give you several ideas for removing a berry stain.

Step 1

Remove any large pieces of the berry or juice with a damp sponge or towel.

Step 2

Tamp the stain dry.

Step 3

Use a strong dish soap and apply with a toothbrush or small bristle brush.

Step 4

Gently scrub the stain with the detergent. Rinse with room temperature water.

Step 5

Repeat the process again if the stain is still present.

T. Connors

Connors, a commercial pilot for the past decade, has traveled all over the world sampling the best from each culture. As a freelance writer for Handmark media, he draws literary inspiration from his years as a top New York city chef and his travels around the world as a pilot.