How to Make Laminate Floors Less Slippery

The same laminate flooring that adds grace and elegance to your home can also make your home treacherous. Slippery laminate creates a falling hazard that may injure a family member or guest.

Step 1

Sand the slippery area lightly with sandpaper. You do not want to remove whatever finish or varnish is in place, you just want to add a few microscopic scratches to create some traction in the treacherous area.

Step 2

Apply anti-slip sprays that you can obtain from stores or online vendors that sell anti-slip products. Spray it over the affected area according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will provide a non-stick coating to your floor. Reapply it as needed since it will wear off with foot traffic.

Step 3

Paint your floor with a friction paint. This paint includes small amounts of sand or other coarse objects to add traction to the floor. This is a short-term fix, since the paint will be scraped off by traffic around the house.

Step 4

Apply traction tape to the afflicted area. This creates traction on the area but is only a temporary fix.

Kirsten O'Hara

Kirsten O'Hara started freelance writing in 2010. She wrote for her university newspaper "Lion's Roar" and won several collegiate writing contests. O'Hara earned a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication and a minor in English from Southeastern Louisiana University.