What Can I Do After Spilling Bleach on a Hardwood Floor?

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Protecting your hardwood floors can be difficult when you consider the daily wear and tear throughout your home. From scratches and small nicks to stains when something is spilled, it may seem as though you are always cleaning your floors to ensure they retain their shine, beauty and charm. Spilling bleach on a hardwood floor is no easy fix; in fact it may seem like certain, permanent disaster. You can take to repair the damage; however, short of replacing the damaged section, there are no guarantees that the stain can be removed.


Clean, Sand and Stain the Floor

Upon spilling bleach, it is important to clean up the spill thoroughly, and wipe the floor with a wet cloth. This will ensure that any remaining bleach residue is cleaned up. Try sanding the affected area and staining it with the original stain used on the floor. This method is not always successful because, depending on the amount of bleach spilled and how long it sat in the spot on the floor, the fibers in the hardwood may have become damaged by the bleach. It is worth a try before resorting to other more expensive options.

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Replace The Damaged Area

If expense is not a problem and you are eager to have your entire floor look uniform, contact a hardwood flooring specialist to remove the damaged area and replace it with new hardwood. Stain the entire floor to ensure it all matches. It should be noted that this is a more expensive option; however, it solves the problem of both the damaged floor and the mismatch of the stain on your flooring. This is an option best used for bleach damage in prominent areas, such as a formal living room area or hallway.


Cover It Up

If you can't afford to retain the services of a hardwood flooring specialist and cannot get the stain up using the sanding/re-staining method, cover it up. Using a rug or piece of furniture, you can breathe new life into an area of your home by covering up the stain. Just be sure you have cleaned all of the bleach from the floor. Covering up the spot is not only affordable, but an ideal way to encourage you to do some light redecorating to add pizzazz to your home.