Cost to Refinish Parquet Floors

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Parquet flooring has been around since the 1600s, but the desire for them slowly faded away over time.
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Flooring is an important element of your home. Although it may often go unnoticed, it is important that your floors are durable and meet your preferences. There are multiple options for floor, such as carpet, tile, and hardwood. Yet, you often don't get to select what type of floors are in your home unless you are building your own home.


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Styles of flooring have also changed drastically over the years as people go through fads such as using wall to wall carpeting or the trend of installing parquet flooring. In the housing market of the 21st century parquet flooring comes with the unsettling feeling of knowing that these floors will either have to be refinished or replaced sooner rather than later.

The Allure Of Parquet

Parquet flooring has been around since the 1600s, but the desire for them slowly faded away over time. In the 1980s, the style of parquet floors came back with a vengeance and was the fad of its time. It was in every home, in nearly every room, because its intricate design and sturdy build were what homeowners desired.


Like all trends, parquet flooring has regressed, and now people are wanting to replace them with floating floors or even hardwood flooring. Replacing the flooring altogether can be quick expensive, which is why it is important to upkeep the parquet flooring as best as possible, even if it is not exactly your first choice for flooring.

Refinishing Parquet Floors

Refinishing parquet floors is a relatively simple job if you have the time and tools required to complete this type of renovation. The only tools you need are an orbital sander, stain and parquet flooring sealant to apply afterward. The best stain color for parquet floors will depend on your tastes. But what is truly needed when it comes to refinishing parquet floors is patience.


Before beginning this renovation project, you need to clear out whatever room you plan on refinishing. This process creates a lot of dust, and removing the dust from items in the room can prove difficult. It is best to remove them altogether, or cover them with sheets, to prevent the dust from settling into your belongings.

Once the space you are refinishing is clear, you can start sanding the floor. Keep in mind that you need to let the orbital sander do all the work. Parquet floors are very delicate when they are assembled because they are small pieces of wood put together to form a larger pattern. With this in mind, do not push too hard onto the sander because it could apply pressure to the floor, which could work away some of the wood pieces or give you an uneven floor. The best advice is to work the sander through one square at a time, making sure that the floor remains even while removing the tiny first layer on the surface.


Once the sander has gone over the entire floor, clear off any signs of debris or dust created by the sander. Ensure that all the pieces in your parquet floor are still durable and healthy. If any pieces need to be replaced, it must be done before the stain is applied to the floor. If all looks good, stain the floor with a shade of your choosing, finishing it off with a coat of sealant once the stain has completely dried.

If this task seems like too much work, rest assured that you can hire a professional to do this job for your if you desire. The price is worked up by square foot. Depending on what kind of work you need done, the price may vary. Obviously, the more work needed, the more it will cost. For a simple sand and finish job, it is on average about $2.00/square foot. However, if you wish to add staining, the price jumps to $2.50. Any repair work also increases the price to $5.00/square foot. Prices subject to change depending on place or country of residence and can vary between professionals.



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