DuPont Grout Sealer Instructions

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An expanse of freshly installed tile with perfect lines of grout is beautiful — and temporary. The unsealed grout will easily attract dust, oils and debris that will slowly make the porous material appear dingy, dark or soiled. A coat of Dupont grout sealer can keep grout looking clean and bright through years of use and foot traffic.


Benefits of DuPont Grout Sealer

The areas where grout gets the brunt of daily activity in a home, such as shower tiles and kitchen flooring, need a good sealer to prevent damage and discoloration. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, grout sealers keep mold or mildew from attaching to the porous material in damp spaces. For newly installed tile, wait at least 72 hours before using a grout sealer.


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A grout sealer that is correctly applied can keep the grout looking pristine and prevent damage for years. Damaged or crumbling grout can lead to cracked tiles and other issues. After application, Dupont grout sealer can last up to three years on indoor surfaces and one year on outdoor installations. One quart of DuPont grout sealer covers about 250 feet of grout lines.

The formula of DuPont grout sealer is suitable for indoors and out. The large molecular structure of the water-based formula is specific to DuPont. Liquids bead up and are easy to wipe away, whereas dust and oil don't penetrate the grout and can be easily whisked away with a dry mop.


Tools and Safety Precautions

The grout sealer is easy to use and requires few tools. A small, thin paintbrush or narrow grout roller or wand is all that is needed to apply the thick substance to the grout. Use a small cup to hold the sealant if using a paintbrush. The grout roller wand can be filled with the sealant.


Have a few dry cloths available to clean up after applying and letting each coat of grout set. Work in small areas at a time, such as a 2-foot square. Let the grout cure for 24 to 48 hours before walking on it or using the space. Red rosin paper can be put down on an area that needs to be used, such as in front of a door. Lay the red rosin paper down in a path from the door to an unaffected area.

When working with solvent-based sealers, use safety goggles, work gloves and a mask. The fumes from the chemicals in the solvent can irritate your eyes, nose and lungs. Sealer that comes in contact with skin can cause a rash, cracks or dryness.


Apply DuPont Grout Sealer

Pour some of the DuPont grout sealer into a small cup and lightly dip the paintbrush into the liquid. If the brush is soaked with the sealer, it can smudge or drip on surrounding tiles and lead to more cleanup than necessary. Use a light hand with a grout roller or wand filled with sealant.


Roll the grout sealer onto the grout. Use small strokes to get into the grout on the first coat. Run the grout sealer tool over the entire area to ensure every inch has been coated well. Allow the first coat to cure for about 15 minutes. Liberally apply a second coat and let it soak into the grout for 10 minutes.

Once finished with the area, run a dry cloth or grout cleaning sponge over the tiles to pick up any errant grout sealer. A buffing pad can shine the tiles as you work over the area to clean up any extra grout sealer.




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