How to Stop a Linoleum Floor From Being Slippery

Your kids walk on the linoleum floor with their socks on and slip on their butt. Your dog comes running through the kitchen on the linoleum floor and slides trying to stop himself before he hits the wall. You're carrying your dinner to the table and the rug slips out from under you. Stopping a linoleum floor from being slippery is crucial to safety in your home.

Linoleum floors can be quite slippery.

Step 1

Give the linoleum floor a good sweep. Make sure you get all leftover particles.

Step 2

Give the linoleum floor a good wash.

Step 3

Give the linoleum floor a good rinse. Some floors need the rinse more than others, but just be sure there are no slippery areas left. Get on your hands and knees and wipe it down twice with a wet cloth. Be sure to use two different cloths or rinse in-between wipe downs.

Step 4

Let the linoleum floor dry. Some people get eager to clean the rest of the space and forget the floor is still slippery.

Step 5

Never use furniture polish on your linoleum floors. It leaves the floors super slippery. Also be careful if you're using furniture polish near the floor (for wooden furniture in the area). The overspray will coat the linoleum and you won't notice it until you slip and fall.

Step 6

Wear socks with rubber skids on the bottom or take your socks off all together. This is especially crucial for toddlers since they lose their balance on linoleum floors often.

Step 7

Make sure any rugs on the linoleum floor have a rubber backing. This will keep the rug stationary.

Step 8

Remember that hairspray, other hair care products and overspray from other cleaning agents can make the floor slippery, especially when wet. It's important to clean the floors often to ensure your safety.

Step 9

Use a non-slip floor treatment or linoleum floor stripper. You can purchase these at a janitorial supply store near you.