How to Remove Paver Sealer

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Using stone pavers, especially outdoors, requires that you seal the paver surface to prevent the weather from staining your stones or causing damage over time. Unfortunately, not everyone completes a sealer job successfully. When handled incorrectly, the sealant can form a visible layer on the pavers, giving your pavers a plastic or mottled look. Removing the sealer and starting over is the only solution, but the formulas used to create stone sealer last for years, even heavy usage. Removal can be difficult without the right process, but with the right materials, you can strip that sealer right off, leaving your pavers clear for a new application.


Step 1

Apply the paint stripper to a 4-by-4-foot section of pavers in a generous layer, spraying the stripper onto the pavers using a pump sprayer.

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Step 2

Wait for about three minutes after stripper application, allowing the stripper to sit on the pavers. The waiting gives the stripper time to break down the sealer material, dissolving it into a liquid state.


Step 3

Wipe the dissolved sealer with the paint stripper from the pavers with a rag.


Step 4

Rinse the surface of the pavers with running water to remove the paint stripper. Allow the pavers about an hour to dry. Examine the pavers for signs of the sealer. If some sealer remains, then repeat the removal process until all signs of the stripper are gone.



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