How to Remove Epoxy-Gravel Coatings From Concrete Decks

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Epoxy-gravel coating is a flooring mix consisting of pea-sized gravel and epoxy. The coating is both attractive and durable. Because the coating is so durable, it's hard -- but not impossible -- to remove. With the use of an epoxy solvent, you can break down the coating. Once the solvent thins it sufficiently, you can remove the loosened gravel and epoxy by carting it away. This will leave your concrete deck completely clear of the material.


Step 1

Sweep the deck clear of dirt, debris or loose gravel with a stiff-bristled push broom.

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Step 2

Put on safety gear including safety goggles, a face mask, rubber gloves and clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

Step 3

Fill a chemical sprayer with an epoxy solvent designed to remove epoxy floor coatings. Give the handle on the sprayer a few pumps to increase the pressure. Spray the surface of the deck with the solvent, covering the epoxy-gravel coating with a moderate layer of the solvent.


Step 4

Cover the deck completely with a sheet of black plastic. Weigh down the edges of the plastic with bricks. Allow the solvent to sit in place overnight to penetrate the coating. This will break down the epoxy.

Step 5

Remove the plastic sheet. Use a shovel to remove the loosened epoxy and gravel from the concrete deck surface. Switch to a floor scraper to remove the gravel sections still stuck to the concrete. Repeat the spray and removal process if only one layer of the coating comes up. You should be able to remove the remaining gravel and epoxy after the second application.

Step 6

Wash the concrete clear of any solvent and epoxy after completing the removal, using a pressure washer.

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