If you need to disable or permanently remove an electrical wall outlet, whether for safety reasons or simply because it is no longer needed in a particular location. As a homeowner, you have two options: disconnect the wiring from the terminals of the outlet, leaving the outlet installed; or complete removal of the outlet. In either case, you will need tools to perform this job thoroughly and safely.

Step 1

Turn off power, at the circuit breaker, to the circuit on which your wall outlet is installed.

Step 2

Use an appropriate screwdriver and remove the mounting screws of the electric outlet face-plate. Pull the faceplate away from the wall and lay it off to the side, along with its screw(s).

Step 3

Locate the outlet's metal mounting tabs, which should be on the top and the bottom, and remove all of the mounting screws that hold the outlet in place. Lay them off to the side.

Step 4

Gently pull the electrical outlet away from the wall, extending the wires, until you are able to see where all of the wires are screwed down onto the outlet's wire terminals. Loosen the screw on each of the wire terminals.

Step 5

Use a pair of pliers to remove the wires from the terminals and, once removed, lay the outlet off to the side. Straighten the ends of the wires and connect them together, twisting the ends of all like-colors together in a clockwise direction with the pliers. White wire to white wire, black to black, green to green, bare to bare.

Step 6

Once the ends of all the wires have been twisted together with like-colors, screw wire nuts onto the twisted ends in a clockwise direction until tight. Press the capped wires into the wall and replace the outlet and face-plate with the mounting screws you previously removed. This outlet will now be completely disabled.

Step 7

As an alternative to putting your outlet back into the wall, you may discard the outlet and cover the outlet mounting hole with an outlet cover-plate. Once the wires have been pushed back into the wall, simply place the cover-plate over the hole and screw down tightly with the screws that were included with the cover.