How to Wire a 200 Amp Mobile Home

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Older mobile homes often come wired for less than 200 amp electric service.

Older mobile homes were manufactured to provide 100 amp electrical service. When one of these mobile homes need a wiring overhaul, it is best to upgrade to 200 amp service. This does not require you to replace every foot of wire in the mobile home. It does give you an opportunity to add new circuits to make the electricity in the mobile home move conveniently and serve more uses. This is a time to add in extra lighting, outlets or other features that require electricity.


Step 1

Turn off the electricity to the mobile home at the meter. This can be done by pulling the meter. If you are uncomfortable with doing this, the electric company will do it for you. Remove the four screws that hold the cover of your breaker or fuse box in place with a screwdriver. Set the cover aside with the screws.

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Step 2

Unscrew the screws in the top of the box to loosen the large cables coming from the electric meter into the mobile home. Pull the two black and one white wire from the plugs. Use some type of label to mark the wires coming into the box from the mobile home regarding the circuit that they control. Make sure to note any 240 volt circuits so they can be distinguished from the 120 volt circuits before disconnecting them.


Step 3

Use a screwdriver and loosen all of the screws on the breakers or under the fuses and pull the wires loose. Loosen the screws along the neutral bar and remove all of the wires that are attached to it. Use the screwdriver to loosen all of the clamps around the edge of the box that hold the wires in place.

Step 4

Look for the screws or nails that hold the box to the wall studs. Use a screwdriver or a nail puller to remove these fasteners. Pull the box from the wall. Slide all of the wires out of the box until it is free. Set it aside to be disposed of.


Step 5

Remove the four screws that hold the cover to the new 200 amp breaker box. Slide the wires that were pulled from the old box into the new box. If you have installed new circuits in the mobile home, these wires should also be inserted through the ports on the edge of the box until about 15 inches or so of wire is inside the breaker box. If these wires are too long, you can shorten them with a pair of wire cutters.


Step 6

Push the box into the wall opening and secure it with screws to the studs. Push the ends of the two large black cables under the screws on the main breaker and tighten the screws to hold them securely. The large white cable should be pushed under the screw on the neutral bar and secured by tightening the screw on top of it.

Step 7

Get a 240 volt breaker and slide the ends of the two black wires or one black and one red wire for a 240 volt circuit under the screws and tighten the screws. Clip the 240 volt breaker onto both of the power buses in the center of the box. The white and bare wires or white and green wires should be inserted under screws on the neutral bar. Tighten the screws. Each 240 volt circuit will be hooked up the same way.


Step 8

Take a 120 volt breaker and attach a black wire from a 120 volt circuit under the screw and tighten the screw. Clip the breaker onto the power bus. The white and bare wires will be inserted under screws on the neutral bar and secured by tightening the screws. Each 120 volt circuit will be wired in the same.

Step 9

Insert wire clamps through the ports on the edge of the breaker box and tighten the screws on the clamp to anchor the wires in place. Replace the cover on the breaker box and secure with the four screws. Restore power to the mobile home at the meter box. Turn on the breakers in the breaker box and power should be available throughout the mobile home.

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