How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Drop Ceiling

Do you hear faint sounds above your head at night? Does your drop ceiling seem like it is crawling with suspicious activity? Rodent control in a home is important. Mice can gnaw through various items and substances, thereby wreaking havoc on your home. Removing mice from a drop ceiling requires the same vigilance as capturing a mouse behind the stove.

How to Remove Mice from a Drop Ceiling

Step 1

Locate both the nest and the source of entry into the home. Follow the trail of mouse droppings. The greater density of droppings should give you a general idea of point of entry. Mice are nocturnal, so stay up late one night with a flashlight near the area of mouse noise.

Step 2

Load your mousetraps with peanut butter. Take caution when setting the traps; they're spring loaded and could cause serious injury if mishandled. On the stepladder, remove the tile in the area of the drop ceiling where you've heard the highest amount of activity, where you believe the nest is and at the point of entry.

Step 3

Wait 2 days. Mice are not highly intelligent, and if food is around, they'll go for it. On the stepladder, remove the tiles in the drop ceiling and, using your flashlight, find the traps. If your investigations were thorough, you should have success. Dispose of the mice in double-bagged plastic bags and keep far from children and pets.

Step 4

Repeat step three until you no longer are catching mice. Utilize the same traps, they are meant for multiple uses. Sweep the perimeter of your house and ceiling, looking for cracks and open seals to minimize future infestations.

Step 5

Store mouse traps in a secure area, especially if you have children in the house. Replace ceiling tiles, clean area and relax in your vermin-free environment.