How to Repair IKEA Furniture Stripped Wood Screw Holes

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Things You'll Need

  • Small brush

  • Wooden dowel, toothpicks or golf tee

  • Wood glue

  • Wood filler

  • Drill

  • Screws

If you have put together Ikea furniture, you know that over time some of the screw holes can become stripped. This will cause furniture to become unstable and wobble. This often happens when you place heavy loads on the furniture or if it is put together and taken apart several times. Stripped screw holes can also cause doors to fall off and shelves to fall. Repair these holes to extend the life of your furniture.


Step 1

Remove the stripped screw from inside the screw hole. Blow inside the hole to remove any dust and loose composite or use a small brush that will reach inside.

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Step 2

Paint a small wooden dowel, toothpicks or a gold tee with a small amount of wood glue and stick it into the hole. You can also use a screw hole repair kit. Knead the applicator to mix the contents together and then fill the hole with the wood filler.

Step 3

Allow the glue or filler to dry for at least 24 hours. Chisel and sand the hole until the dowel, filler or other item is flush with the furniture.

Step 4

Drill a small pilot hole into patched hole. Put the furniture back together and screw the screws back into the holes.



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