How to Change the Blinds on Your Pella Window

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Pella window blinds are sandwiched between the inner and outer panels of glass.

Pella manufactures a line of windows and doors. Some of their products come with removable grilles and window treatments, such as shades and blinds. These window treatments are in between the two panes of glass. One way to update the look of a room is simply to change the colors of the window treatments. Pella blinds come in a variety of colors and are available through Pella dealers. Changing the blinds on your Pella window is a matter of separating the window panels. Fortunately, Pella makes this type of replacement user-friendly.

Step 1

Find the latch releases for the hinged interior glass panel of your Pella window. Casement and awning windows have two latch releases on the left side of the window frame. Double-hung windows have a latch release on the upper right of each sash. The windows must be closed before opening the interior glass panel.

Step 2

Slide the latches until you feel them release the interior glass panel from the frame. Gently swing the interior panel to the right for complete access to the blinds.

Step 3

Grasp the round plastic tab at the top right corner of the blinds with your fingers. Pull the tab away from the window, bringing the end of the blinds with it. Slide the blinds to the right to disengage the opposite end from the coupler in the top of the frame. Remove the blinds from the window.

Step 4

Insert the end of the new blinds over the mounting pin. Push it against the window frame until the blinds engage the coupler behind the pin. If necessary, move the blind operator up and down to help engage the coupler into the blinds. Push the other end of the blinds into the frame over the mounting pin.

Step 5

Test the operation of the blinds with the operator. The blinds should operate freely. If there is binding or the blinds do not work correctly, take the blinds out and reinstall them. Test the operation until the blinds work correctly.

Step 6

Close the interior glass panel until it locks into place. You will feel the latches catch and lock the panel.

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