How to Change the Blinds on Your Pella Window

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Pella offers windows with between-the-glass shades and blinds as an alternative to traditional window coverings attached to the window frame. It's a convenient option with fewer allergens and less chance of the blinds getting damaged, but you might want to occasionally change them for an updated look. You'll need replacement blinds from Pella so they work correctly with the system, and the process of changing them is relatively easy.


How Pella Windows Work

The window blinds in these specialty windows hang between panels of glass, where they aren't affected by dust, moisture, pets, or human hands that can cause damage. Cordless controls make it easy to raise and lower the blinds or adjust the slats, just as you would with normal blinds and shades. Some types incorporate motorized shades that you can control from an app anywhere.


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You can open the inner panel of glass to access the blinds when needed. You can remove the old blinds and place new ones inside the window using this access panel.

Finding New Blinds

There are a few different lines of Pella windows that use between-the-glass blinds and shades, so you need to know which type you have to purchase new blinds that fit. Your windows have the unit ID number printed on them, which is what you need to ensure you're getting new internal window treatments that work. Check the airspace between the two glass panels on the aluminum surface to obtain this number.


Visiting a Pella showroom near you lets you see the options in person, but you can also call (877) 473-5527 for help in ordering new blinds that fit your Pella windows.

Opening the Panel

To remove the old internal window treatments, you need to open the hinged glass panel on the window. Open the shades as much as possible within the window. Find the latch releases, which are along the edge of the window. Some larger windows might have more than one latch.


To open it, slide each latch until it releases. Some Pella windows use latches that require you to use a Phillips head screwdriver to press into the latch to release it. Pull on the window panel to move the hinges and open the panel. The window should have a white restrictor cord that keeps the window from opening too far. Make sure you don't cut or remove that cord during the process.

If your window also has grilles, remove them before changing the blinds. Start at the bottom and grab the grille close to the clip, pulling it inward. Do this for all of the bars.


Replacing the Blinds

Look for a plastic tab at the top on the corner of the panel to remove the old blinds. This releases the blinds so you can grab that corner and pull it straight out toward you. The other end has a mounting pin. To release it, slide that end over, lifting it to remove it from the mounting pin.


When you install the new window treatments, look for the end with the coupler shaft, putting it up and over the mounting pin and into the coupler. Slide the other end over the mounting pin so it snaps in place. Test the new blinds before you close the glass panel to ensure they open, close, and rotate properly.

Closing the Window Panel

Once you have the new blinds in place, replace the grilles if you have them. Align the clips and snap them into place. Then, you simply need to close the window panel. Swing it closed gently and press until you hear it click closed. Make sure it closes securely and won't swing open.



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