Luxcelle rugs are manufactured by Nourison Industries, and are made with a trademark fiber called Luxcelle. A Luxcelle rug gives the homeowner a handwoven look at a much lower price.

A Luxcelle rug is soft and plush with a silk-like sheen.

Luxcelle Fiber

Luxcelle is a silk-like thread found in the cellulose of purified cotton fiber. This light-reflecting fiber retains color, adds strength and gives the rug a luminous sheen.


Luxcelle rugs are constructed in China. They are made on power looms controlled by computers.


Clean a Luxcelle rug with Woolite or a compatible carpet cleaner. Allow the rug to air dry or use a hair dryer set on low temperature.

Rug Blends

Luxcelle rug fibers may be woven with other materials such as wool or synthetics. Numerous styles, colors and patterns are available.

Where to Buy

Purchase Luxcelle rugs online directly from Nourison Industries. Other online discount rug outlets also sell them.