How To Turn the Garage Into a Man Cave on a Budget

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You need a man cave. Unfortunately, you also need to pay the bills. With a bit of creativity and some dedicated effort, both are possible. For a couple hundred bucks, a lot of sweat, and maybe a little help, you can turn your garage into your game-day entertainment zone.


Clean Up Your Space

Creating your man cave likely has to start with clearing some clutter from the garage. That can be a bit trickier than it sounds. Much of what gets tossed into the garage is there because it's not safe to store in the house.

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Start the decluttering by taking dead car batteries and unused dangerous chemicals to the recycling center and removing old cans of paint. With the hazardous items out of the way, stuff everything else in the attic, basement, shed, and garage rafters if you must. Don't throw out the old, rusty metal shelving just yet.

Install the Basics

You'll need a few things to be comfortable in your new space. Insulate the wall cavity with basic fiberglass insulation, install drywall or paneling, and give the walls a coat of paint. You may have to spend some cash here, but it's worth it in the end. Round up some buddies to help install it in exchange for a cheap beer or two.


Leave a little cash for a few carpet remnants or inexpensive outdoor carpeting. You can pick it up at your local home center. While you're there, check for a can or two of floor paint in the clearance aisle or on the paint department's returned items shelf. Use what you find to paint the floor areas the carpet won't reach. Also, check for a can of spray paint for the rusty shelves.

Use the existing wiring to install some light fixtures to round out the basics. Bare-bulb, pull-chain fixtures are cheap and don't require wall switches.


Make It Functional

No man cave is complete without some essentials. At the top of the list is a place to sit and a television. You can find a couch and comfy chairs on local social media websites or used markets. As for the TV, how much you spend on one is entirely up to you and your entertainment desires. You know that bigger is better, but your budget may not agree.


For convenience, you'll want to track down a refrigerator of some sort. A used one or a dorm fridge works just fine. Make a poker table from old patio furniture and make a bar out of a few chunks of old plywood.

Make It Yours

While stashing stuff in the basement, you probably found your box of sports memorabilia and an old jersey or two. Nail as much of that stuff to the walls as you can. You can arrange anything that you can't hang on the walls on your newly refinished rusty shelves.


Finally, add any other creature comforts you can think of within your budget. Remember to get your video game equipment from the living room TV and start inviting your friends to enjoy your new man cave.



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