What is the Standard Height of Bathroom Cabinets?

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The countertop adds an inch or two to the cabinet's height.
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Bathroom cabinets range in height depending on when they were manufactured and the company or individual who constructed them. Standards shift with design trends and changes in the general population; as people become taller, so do cabinets.

Common Standards

Standard bathroom cabinets commonly reach 29- to 31-inches above the floor. This height works well for a bathroom primarily used by children, but tends to be uncomfortable for adults.

Family-Friendly Heights

Modern standards aim to strike a balance between short cabinets suitable for young children and tall cabinets ideal for adults. Standards range from 32- to 36-inches depending on the style of cabinet and manufacturer.

Adult-Focused Designs

Bathrooms utilized primarily by adults tend to feature cabinets on the higher end of standards. Manufacturers offer pre-fabricated cabinetry ranging from 36- to 38-inches high. Anything taller than this is typically only available in custom cabinetry, but high-end cabinet manufacturers may offer designs that exceed this, reaching up to 43-inches.


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