How to Get Rid of Streaks in New Paint

Painting a room can add vibrant color to an area that may not be achieved with wallpaper. Although the concept of painting sounds simple, it is all too easy for an amateur decorator to leave a patchy or streaky finish. There are a number of things that can be done to prevent and fix this problem so a flawless coat of paint can be applied.

Brush strokes need to go in the same direction to avoid streaks.

Step 1

Paint on a layer of appropriate primer before painting the top coat. If a primer is not applied, then the paint will not adhere to the wall properly leaving a poor finish.

Step 2

Let the paint dry completely before panicking about a patchy finish. Some paints will appear patchy when wet as the areas dry at different rates.

Step 3

Apply a second and sometimes, a third coat of paint. All paints require at least two coats for an even finish and lighter colors will often require three.

Step 4

Overlap the paint lines from the roller. Apply one roll of paint and then overlap that roll with the next one. This will prevent the blurring between the lines which is what makes paint look streaky.

Step 5

Paint in the same direction around the room so the brush or roller stokes are even. If the painting is in different direction the marks will be visible.

Step 6

Use a generous amount of paint. Dip the roller or brush in the paint so it is completely covered, allow it to drip for a minute and then apply to the wall. Thin coats of paint are not an economical way to apply paint as it just will not be thick enough to cover the wall.