How to Add a Pull-chain Socket to a Lamp

For convenience and flexibility, adding a socket-mounted switch to a lamp is a good option. Now the lamp can be plugged into any electrical outlet, instead of just those controlled by wall switches. Pull-chain sockets are a popular choice. They are available at most electrical-supply houses, home-improvement centers, and hardware stores. Installing one requires only a few minutes and one simple hand tool.

Step 1

Unplug the lamp.

Step 2

Remove the harp finial, lampshade, shade harp and light bulb and set them aside. The existing lamp socket will now be completely accessible.

Step 3

Squeeze the socket shroud on the light fixture where the word "Press" is stamped into the metal. Wiggle it out of the socket base and remove it. Perform the same action with the socket shroud on the new pull-chain socket.

Step 4

Loosen the contact screws on the socket interior of the light fixture. Once they are loosened, remove the lamp wires. Set the old socket interior aside; you won't need it anymore. Loosen the contact screws on the pull-chain socket interior as well.

Step 5

Under good lighting, place the pull-chain socket interior atop the socket base. Wrap the black wire around the shank of the brass contact screw, and the white wire around the shank of the white metal contact screw. Tighten the screws, ensuring that each wire is secure.

Step 6

Squeeze the replacement socket shroud where the word "Press" is stamped. Slide the shroud over the new pull-chain socket interior, and wiggle it until it locks into the crimps in the socket base.

Step 7

Reinstall the light bulb, shade harp, shade, and harp finial. Plug the lamp into a wall outlet. Pull the chain switch, and your lamp will light up.