Ideas for Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

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Update your kitchen lighting and alter the look of the room.

Update the lighting in your home and replace your old fluorescent light box with a modern lighting fixture. After you remove the fluorescent box, you may need to repair the ceiling if your new fixture doesn't cover holes or discoloration. When choosing your new fixtures, consider the room and how you use the space to determine what type of lighting is required and where. A combination of fixtures may be required for larger areas when considering ideas for replacing fluorescent lighting boxes.


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Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting goes up into the ceiling with the light sitting flush along the ceiling. This option works well in rooms with low ceilings, and it's a common option for a kitchen light box upgrade. Recessed lights can be installed where the fluorescent box was removed and carried on throughout the length of the room.

Position the lights above your main work area and throughout the room. One way to use pocket lights is to install them around the perimeter of the area. The center of the room may require additional lighting. In a kitchen, a single length of track lighting above an island or a pendant placed above the table will generally do the trick.


Since recessed lights penetrate the ceiling, they can cause air transfer between the two spaces. That's especially a concern when it's an attic above the room. The air from the attic can seep into your living spaces and increase heating and cooling costs. ENERGY STAR recommends using recessed lighting labeled ICAT, which means insulation contact air tight. This type of fixture minimizes air leakage, and you can place insulation in the attic over the fixture safely. Older recessed lights can't come into contact with insulation because of the fire hazard.

Track Lighting Fixture

Track lighting works in large and small rooms alike. Replace the old fluorescent box with a set of modern track lights. The lights on the track can be positioned and pointed at specific areas in the room. In a kitchen, point one light where you use your cutting board and angle the others strategically throughout the room. You can also pair track lighting with under-cabinet lighting for balance. Tracks are available in a variety of lengths, making them an ideal choice to illuminate rooms of any size.


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Pendant Fluorescent Light Box Update

Pendant lamps come in a wide array of fashionable shapes and colors, making them a versatile fluorescent light box upgrade. A pendant lamp provides a softer lighting alternative to fluorescents and is an opportunity to insert some personality into the space.

Choose a solitary pendant or a combination of pendants in different lengths and sizes. One idea is to install a row of small pendants where the fluorescent box previously hung. Unify the kitchen and dining areas by choosing the same pendant in a larger size or shape to hang above the table.


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Drums and Chandeliers

Drums and chandeliers offer a softer light source and an element of beauty to any room. This type of lighting can be used for function as well as design. Replace the fluorescent box with a chandelier and you instantly create a focal point to set the mood and tone of your room. Chandeliers are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, making them a versatile choice for any decor. Drum shades come in paper and fabric designs with bold graphic prints, such as damask, floral, botanical and geometric.



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