How to Install Hampton Bay Track Lighting

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Hampton Bay track lighting is sold at Home Depot stores around the country. Track lighting can be installed fairly easily and offers an attractive and low-footprint alternative to traditional floor or table lamps. In addition, track lighting is less expensive to install than recessed lighting.


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What Is Track Lighting?

Track lighting is a fixture that uses a strip of track to connect several light fixtures. These strips might be in a straight line, curved or wavy. Track lighting is popular over a fireplace, near an entertainment center, over a kitchen island or in a dining room.


Hampton Bay track lighting comes in a variety of shapes and aesthetics, so there is likely something that speaks to your tastes.

Important Safety Considerations

Safety is essential when installing your Hampton Bay track lighting. Before you begin, turn the power off to the circuit that services the area where you'll be installing the lights. Make sure that the conduit box you will be accessing has no power before you begin — you can do this by using a multimeter.


If you are at all unsure of how to do this or to accomplish any other steps within the track lighting install process, you should contact a professional before proceeding. Any electrical work should not be undertaken by an amateur, as doing so can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious injury or even death.

Hampton Bay Track Lighting Install

The first step in installing your track lighting is to study the track lighting wiring diagram included in the instruction manual for the unit you have purchased. You might also be able to find more information on the Hampton Bay lighting company website.


Then, locate the conduit box where you will be connecting your track lighting fixture. Again, be sure that power is turned off to this box via the breaker. To be extra cautious, you can place electrical tape over the breaker switch in question to ensure it does not flip while you're working. Then, disconnect anything that is currently connected to the conduit box.


Next, remove the existing fixture using a screwdriver. Then, locate the color-coded caps on the wires in the conduit box. There should be white, black and copper grounding wires inside the box. Match these wires up with the wires for your track lighting fixture and apply wire caps to each.

Finishing the Installation Project

You will need to install the track on your ceiling once the wires have been hooked up. Replace the conduit box and connect the cover plate back to the ceiling. Your Hampton Bay track lighting may attach to the ceiling in several places, and it will likely use screws to do so.

One benefit of track lighting is that it allows you to adjust where the individual light fixtures sit on the track. Once you have properly installed the track onto your ceiling, set where you'd like each light to be.

Remove any electrical tape from the breaker box and flip the appropriate circuit breaker switch back to on. You should then be able to power on your Hampton Bay track lighting.