Bathtubs That Retain Heat

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The right bathtub can allow you to create your own spa environment.

Whether for little children who have had a busy day of playing or adults trying to wind down after a long day, a warm bath can start a relaxing evening and help promote a good night's sleep. To ensure you can enjoy long, warm baths in your bathroom, it is essential to choose a tub that retains heat effectively.

Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron bathtubs are very durable, come in a variety of color choices and hold heat very well. Potential downsides are primarily their cost and weight. An empty tub can weigh more than 300 pounds. Before installing one of these tubs, it is essential to ensure your floor has enough support to hold the bathtub.

Acrylic Tubs

With their availability in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, acrylic bathtubs have the benefit of being lightweight and are more durable than fiberglass. As long as acrylic tubs are properly insulated, they retain heat very well. The only drawback to choosing an acrylic tub is that they can be scratched and stained when exposed to the right material, such as hair dye.

Cast Polymers

Cast polymers, such as cultured marble, granite or onyx, are bathtubs that appear to be stone but have the capability to be molded like synthetic materials. These types of bathtubs are thicker than acrylic or fiberglass and hold heat well, without the necessary insulation of acrylic. Potential downfalls to cast polymer bathtubs are scratches or other damages to their gel coat, which is not as durable as acrylic bathtubs.

Soapstone, Brass and Copper

Known as a higher-end choice for a bathtub, soapstone is an excellent choice for heat retention. Although this type of bathtub is dependable for its ability to hold heat, its cost and limited style options can be drawbacks. Brass and copper retain heat very well and resist denting due to the thickness of the materials.


The benefits of fiberglass bathtubs include being affordable, lightweight and their availability of styles and colors. Unfortunately, fiberglass bathtubs do not retain heat well and are also subject to scratching easily and fading. While a cheaper option for a bathtub, fiberglass is not as durable as acrylic.


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