How to Hang Bathroom Towels on a Double Towel Rack

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Things You'll Need

  • Bath towel

  • 2 hand towels


Fold the towels when they are still warm from the dryer. This eliminates wrinkles and makes a neater display.

Use hand towels that are a different color than the bath towel for a smart contrast. The colors of all the towels should match or complement your bathroom décor.

Hang pieces of jewelry, such as large earrings or pendants, from pieces of ribbon. Tie the ribbons around each of the front flaps of the hand towels with bows. Put the bow of each ribbon in the back of the hand towel so it does not show. Position the piece of jewelry so it hangs in the middle of each hand towel.

You can display your towels and washcloths in other decorative ways in the bathroom to save space, such as rolling up washcloths and storing them in a wine rack on the bathroom counter.

A double towel rack can serve as a platform for decorative towel arrangements.

Double towel racks have two parallel dowels to let you hang two towels in the same vertical space. The racks can hang on walls or backs of doors. Hanging bathroom towels in an attractive display on such a rack requires very little time. If you fold the towels correctly, you can fit three towels on the rack and save space in your linen closet. If you fold them neatly with attention to detail, bathroom towels hanging on a double towel rack can contribute to the overall décor of your bathroom and save space in the process.

Step 1

Spread a bath towel on a flat surface with the tag up. Fold about ¼ of it over lengthwise toward the middle and smooth it down. Fold the opposite side over ¼ of the way lengthwise to mirror the first fold. The edges of the two sides will meet in the middle. Pick up one short end of the bath towel and fold it over to the other end.

Step 2

Hang the folded bath towel on the back dowel of the double towel rack next to the wall. It should hang on the dowel at the crosswise middle fold. The two sides will be folded under and not showing. This bath towel forms the background of the double-towel rack display.

Step 3

Fold two hand towels the same way as you folded the bath towel. Hang them side by side on the front dowel of the double towel rack in the same manner as the bath towel. You now have a neat, attractive double-towel-rack display.


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