How to Hang Bathroom Towels on a Double Towel Rack

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A double towel rack can serve as a platform for decorative towel arrangements.

A double towel rack can be a great option for saving space in a smaller bathroom. Allowing you to hang two or more towels at the same time and allowing them adequate space to dry can help keep your towels feeling nicer for longer too. Knowing how to hang bathroom towels on a double towel rack is key to making the most of this feature. Folding your towels and laying them out in the proper way can make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing and functional too.


How to Fold Towels

The first key to properly hanging bathroom towels on a double towel rack is folding them properly. An unfolded towel won't fit on your towel hanger, and crumpled towels look messy and unappealing. You want your folded towels to be as evenly layered as possible to help them dry out more quickly and to keep them feeling fresh. You can also try to fold the edges underneath to hide them and give your towels a more even appearance.


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Larger towels can be folded into thirds. Keeping your "seam" at the back, you can then fold the towel across the middle. This towel can be displayed with its ends at the back, which effectively hides all of the edges of your towel. The same method can be used for hand towels, but they may be more functional if left unfolded.

Hanging Towels on Double Racks

Double towel racks tend to come in three main sizes: 18, 24 and 30 inches. You should choose the rack that best fits the size of your bathroom and then work out the best method to hang your towels accordingly. Racks that are 18 and 24 inches will only fit one bath towel per bar, while a 30-inch option can fit two bath towels with hand towels in the front.


It's generally a better idea to hang your larger towel on the back dowel of your double towel rack. This leaves the front dowel, which is more accessible, free for your hand towels, which are in more frequent use. Typically, two folded hand towels will be similar in length to one folded bath towel, meaning you will have space to display two hand towels in the front of your double towel rack.

You should never hang two towels on top of each other on a bar regardless of space. Moisture and debris can become trapped and can transfer between your two towels. Adding damp layers of fabric on top of each other can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.


Other Towel Options

Although you may favor a double towel rack for both functionality and aesthetics, there are several other ways to hang and display towels. Towel rings can be a good option for hand towels, but they aren't large or strong enough to support bath towels in the same way. Towel hooks can also be an option to save space, although they don't help towels to dry as effectively. If you have many extra towels, a storage basket can help you to display them attractively.



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