Tips on Hiding Pipes Under the Bathroom Sink

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There are many ways to hide pipes under the bathroom sink.
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Hiding pipes under the bathroom sink gives your bathroom a clean, crisp look and can be a quick renovation that transforms the space. Exposed pipes under a bathroom sink can add to a design element in the room by providing a utilitarian look. While some bathrooms can accommodate the pipes, they may not suit every homeowner's taste. You have a few options for hiding the pipes and adding to the decor of the room if you prefer a more polished look.


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Hiding Pipes With Pedestals

A pedestal is a classic option for hiding pipes under the bathroom sink. You may choose a pedestal sink that is wide enough to enclose the pipes if the plumbing has a tight grouping. You may also choose to hide the sink trap with the pedestal and leave the supply pipes exposed. If you opt to leave the pipes exposed, using chrome pipes gives the finished project a more decorative appearance.

Fabric Sink Skirts

Sink skirts can hide the bathroom plumbing, along with any items you choose to store under the sink. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can sew custom sink skirts that hang the perfect length to run from the bottom of the sink to the floor. You can also use pre-made curtains.


Hook and loop tape is an easy way to attach the skirt to the sink. Apply the self-adhesive side to the sink, making sure it's clean and dry. Attach the other side to the fabric skirt, using hot glue to hold it securely to the fabric.

A sink skirt provides extra storage space for items such as toilet tissue, soap and cleaning products. You can change the fabric on the sink skirt to redecorate the bathroom, as well. For example, use a floral and feminine fabric for a Victorian bathroom decor or metallic gold for a lush, glamorous bathroom design.

Beaded Sink Curtains

Use a beaded curtain for hiding pipes under the bathroom sink with multicolored strings of beads. Beads are available in craft stores in a wide array of colors and shapes. Create a design of your own to coordinate with the style and decor of the bathroom. For example, try making a beaded curtain with uniform colors and shapes, or mix it up with a curtain in a rainbow of colors and various bead shapes.


Baskets and Storage

A storage basket with a height to fit under the sink can provide additional storage in the bathroom. Cut the back of the basket to accommodate the pipes and create an opening in the front for storing extra towels, toilet tissue and extra soap. Open metal shelves are also available that fit under the sink, provide extra storage and accommodate the pipes.

Custom-Built Cabinet

Another option is to build your own cabinet or wood surround to fit around the base of the sink to cover the pipes. This can be a freestanding wooden cabinet that's cut out in the back to accommodate the pipes or a cabinet that attaches to the wall. Depending on how large it is, the cabinet can give you extra hidden storage below the bathroom sink.



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