How to Keep Moisture Out of a Picture in the Bathroom

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Things You'll Need

  • Frame sealing tape

  • Scissors

  • Bumper pads

Protect bathroom pictures from moisture

A framed picture is one of the simplest and most inexpensive methods of beautifying a bathroom. However, the moisture from baths and showers can build within the frame and damage the picture. Fortunately, it is possible to keep framed pictures looking their best in a moisture-laden environment.

Step 1

Separated the picture from the glass with a mat. The mat supports the picture in the frame and keeps it from touching the glass. The space between the mat and the glass is necessary to keep air circulating in the frame and prevent any condensation that could potentially glue the picture to the glass.

Step 2

Apply a strip of frame sealing tape to each side of the back of the frame. Completely covers the gaps between the backing board behind the picture and the frame with tape so that the frame is airtight. Cut off extra tape that may be sticking out past the edges of the frame with scissors.

Step 3

Place bumper pads at each corner of the back of the picture frame before you hang it on the wall. This creates a space between the picture and the wall, creating air flow. Free flowing air will prevent moisture and mold from building up behind and within the frame.

Step 4

Keep the bathroom well ventilated. Install an exhaust fan to suck out the moisture in the air or keep the windows and door open when taking a shower or bath.


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