How to Remove a Fitted Wardrobe

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Remove a fitted wardrobe with a crowbar.

If you have a fitted wardrobe that is attached to a wall in your home and you want to remove it, you will need to take several safety precautions. Removing a piece of custom furniture from a wall unit is very close to a demolition project and will require that you use a crowbar to pull it away from the wall. Keep in mind that you will probably need to patch the wall after removing the fitted wardrobe.


Step 1

Spread a drop cloth across the floor in front of the wardrobe. Once you have dislodged the fitted wardrobe from the wall, move it to the drop cloth to protect the floors. This is especially important for hardwood floors.

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Step 2

Put on goggles to protect your eyes.


Step 3

Insert a crowbar behind the wardrobe and against the wall behind the wardrobe. The space may be tight, but the crowbar is slender enough that it can fit into small spaces. As you gently pull back toward yourself with the crowbar, you will release the fitted wardrobe from the wall bit by bit. Continue doing this, once on each side until you see the nails coming out of the wardrobe. Some wardrobes are reinforced in the wall with screws, so double-check this before you begin. Take out screws with a screwdriver before trying to move the fitted wardrobe with the crowbar.


Step 4

Place a hand truck beneath the bottom of the wardrobe and with the help of an assistant or two pull the hand truck slightly upward so it is on its wheels. You can wheel the wardrobe out of the house or to a new spot in the room. If the wardrobe is too tall for a handtruck, ease it onto the drop cloth, preferably turning it on its side. With the help of friends, pull the corners of the drop cloth to move the wardrobe to a new spot.



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