If you like to use a paint roller for painting walls in your home, you may be familiar with how easily the paint on the roller can splatter if you are not careful -- and even if you're careful, if you don't know the protocol for keeping paint rollers from splattering. You must regulate the intake of paint on the roller brush to help minimize paint splatter on your walls, your floor and even your face.

Do not oversaturate the paint roller with paint.

Step 1

Cover your working area with a drop cloth. A drop cloth can catch paint splatters and protect your floor.

Step 2

Pour paint in a paint tray. Pour just enough that the bottom half of the tray is covered with a shallow layer.

Step 3

Roll the roller gently into the paint, then roll it over the moguls, or rows of bumps, on the paint tray. As you roll the roller out of the paint, it might drag instead of roll; this is normal. It will roll up the moguls. Roll it all the way up, then roll it back into the paint basin again. This helps to regulate the intake of paint on the brush.

Step 4

Continue rolling the roller into the paint and up the moguls until the brush is completely covered in paint but is not dripping with paint. There's a fine line between saturating the roller nap and oversaturating it. Find that point this way, and always load your paint roller this way.

Step 5

Roll the roller slowly on the wall. When you roll a paint roller on a wall quickly or in a scrubbing motion, paint will undoubtedly splatter. To prevent splatter, you can't just load the roller right -- you have to train yourself to roll slowly, because your inclination will be to zip the roller up the wall.