A remodel of your bathroom may require you to remove a towel rack. If you're doing it just so you can paint around it, and you plan to replace it, the job is simple. If you want the towel rack gone forever, the job might be a bit more complicated, particularly if the rack is glued to the wall.

Removal Procedure

Step 1 Remove the holders and rod.

Locate the set screw holding each of the rod holders to the mounting bracket. They're usually on the undersides of the holders. Loosen each one with a flat-head screwdriver or hex wrench, and remove the holders. Support the rod when you remove the first holder to prevent it from falling.

Step 2 Remove the brackets.

Unscrew the mounting brackets from the wall, using a Phillips screwdriver. If you don't see any screws, the brackets are glued. In that case, the best way to separate the brackets from the wall is to work a retractable utility knife behind each bracket and cut through the glue. Soften the glue with a hair dryer on medium heat to make it easier for the knife to cut.

Step 3 Clean up the wall.

The procedure depends on whether the brackets were attached with screws or with glue:

Fill Screw Holes

  1. Pull out the screw anchors. The easiest way to do this is to partially drive a screw into each one and pull the screw and anchor back out with pliers.
  2. Fill holes in drywall with drywall joint compound. Spread the compound with a putty knife; let it dry and sand it lightly with 120-grit sandpaper. Fill holes in ceramic tiles with grout or caulk.
  3. Prime drywall repairs with drywall primer and touch up with the wall color.

Remove Glue Residue

  • Heat the glue residue with a hair dryer. When it softens, cut as much as you can off the wall with a knife.
  • D**issolve the glue** with mineral spirits, acetone or lacquer thinner. Wear a respirator and ventilate the room when using any of these solvents.