Colors That Go With Eggplant

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Eggplant, also called aubergine in some regions, is a beautiful, rich purple that almost looks velvety in the right setting. The color has become quite popular in the design world over the last few years, and it's easy to see why when you look at how intense and regal the hue looks in a home. Like all purple color schemes, it is important to find the right shade to balance the eggplant, or your home can end up looking too eclectic and juvenile. With the perfect complimentary color, it's easy to add a little aubergine to your style.


Colors That Go With Eggplant
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White and Aubergine Color

White is by definition all colors combined, which might be exactly why it goes together so perfectly with pretty much any color. These two pair so well that you can use mostly eggplant color with pops of white or go the exact opposite. Either way, your eye will be drawn to the color used as an accent.

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Eggplant and Cream

The slight touch of pink in this off-white color helps to create a relaxing balance to the vibrant, energetic vibe that comes with a purple color palette. The end result feels fresh, original and inviting without feeling overwhelming.

Purples and Greens

Eggplant is a color that goes particularly well with other colors with which it might be paired in nature. That is particularly true when it comes to green, which is one of the best colors to complement purple of all shades. The nature-inspired pairing is sure to create a sense of positive energy in any room, making you and your guests feel comfortable in no time.


Brown and Eggplant

Similarly, a deep brown looks perfect with aubergine, as it is reminiscent of an eggplant growing in fertile soil. The result is familiar and welcoming, but you can also add a little more intensity by incorporating a nice blue-green shade to add a little more zing that still goes along with these naturally partnered hues.


Shades of Gray

Going along with the whole eggplant in nature theme, gray is a perfect shade to match an aubergine color scheme. Try a whole palette of grays to subconsciously bring to mind a ripe eggplant growing beside a cobblestone patch. The clean, earthy tones will create a warm, pleasant and sophisticated look with a touch of mystique.


Deep, Dark Blue

While eggplant is well suited to match many natural shades, blue can be difficult to pair with it since purples naturally have so much blue, and it can be overwhelming. However, rather than shying away from the blue, it's best to dive in and go with a nice deep shade that stands out even against the vivid shade of eggplant. The dynamic color scheme creates a vibrant feel in a room, but be sure to add some neutral accents like vases and wall art to help calm the intensity.


Lilac or Plum

Purple on purple? Yes! Purple on purple creates a dramatic, vibrant look sure to catch the eye. If you like purple, consider layering eggplant with shades that have more white (lilac) or more red (plum) for a surprising look that is sure to impress.


Can't commit to all purple? Just use white as your base, and you can add accents in just about every shade of purple without going overboard.

Aubergine and Black

Not everyone will feel comfortable with a space this dark in the home, but if you've always had an affinity for goth fashion, you'll cherish the depth, warmth and mystery created by these two dark colors.



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