Substitutes for Suction Cups

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Double-sided tape is a useful alternative to a suction cup.

Suction cups are very useful, but sometimes you may need to use something different, depending on your particular project. Suction cups are known to let go and slide off. There are many good substitutes for suction cups. Some are permanent and some are removable. You can choose from a variety of useful and inexpensive alternatives -- if you prefer not to use suction cups.


Adhesive Hooks

An adhesive hook has a flat side with a peel-off cover, revealing a sticky surface which you can attach to anything -- such as the back of a door, ceramic bathroom tile or your refrigerator. On the other side, there is hook which can be used to hang things. These are often used to hang oven-mitts to the side of their refrigerator, or to hang a bathrobe on the back of a door. They come in a wide assortment of sizes, adhesive strengths and are available in both plastic and metal.


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Sticky Putty

Sticky putty is a sticky substance that looks a lot like chewing gum and can be used to attach photos to an album without ruining the front of the photo, or to hang posters or charts on walls.

Double-sided Tape

Double-sided tape is a strip of tape on a roll, or in pre-cut strips, that is sticky on both sides. You can use it for just about any kind of craft project, or to stick things on walls and other smooth surfaces.


Hook and Loop

"Hook and loop" consists of a two pieces of fabric that cling to each other due to their specially-designed textures. You can buy the material in craft stores and in some office supply stores. Hook and loop is exactly what it sounds like -- one piece of fabric has tiny hooks and the other piece that you attach to it has fuzzy loops. When you place them together, they stick very well. Hook and loop fasteners are used on all kinds of clothing. They can also be used on walls and other surfaces by purchasing a hook and loop fabric with an adhesive layer on the back of it.



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