How to Hang Wooden Signs at Home

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Wooden signs are a great way to improve a home. Family names, favorite teams, or vintage advertising signs are all meaningful additions to your décor. Wooden signs inside the house can add a rustic touch, communicate a message or complete a collection. Hanging wooden signs is a simple do-it-yourself project that almost anyone can tackle. You'll need a few simple tools and hardware, such as a hammer, drill, nails, screws, and picture-hanging brackets.


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How To Hang a Wooden Sign on Drywall

  1. Hang lightweight signs on a nail or screw using picture-hanging hardware. Purchase picture-hanging hardware at your local hardware store or online.

  2. Check the weight rating on the hardware you intend to purchase. It is typically printed on the the package.

  3. Locate the stud using an electronic stud finder. Tap a nail or drive a screw into the stud at the appropriate height. More than one nail or screw at the same height can be used for large pieces.

  4. Use Sheetrock anchors where no stud is available. Follow the package instructions for best results. Typical anchors may require drilling before inserting the anchors. Newer plastic screw type anchors twist in with a screwdriver.

  5. Attach the hardware to the sign. Follow the package instructions for installation. There are a wide variety of hanging hardware types. Wire hangers and sawtooth-type picture-hanging brackets are two of the more common. A wire hanger is tied between two small eye-hooks driven into the frame. A small pilot hole can help to start it, then turn it tight with pliers.

  6. Attach sawtooth brackets with a hammer and nail. Sawtooth brackets are small nickel or brass brackets with nails holes at each end. The bottom edge looks like the blade of a saw. It rests on a nail or screw and can be moved to different notches on the bracket to better balance the picture or sign. More than one bracket can be used for large signs.

  7. Hang larger signs with screws through the face. Pre-drill and countersink pilot holes to avoid splitting the sign. Use drywall screws to drive through the sign into the wall. Line up large signs with studs for added security. Locate and mark the studs. Line up the sign and mark for screws before attaching as outlined above. Paint the screw heads to match the sign.


How To Hang a Wooden Sign on Brick

  1. Hang signs on brick with Tapcon-style concrete screws. Drill a pilot hole in the brick with a 3/16 inch mason's bit. Drive a Tapcon anchor into the hole with a drill and screw tip. Leave ¼ to ½ inch protruding. Hang the sign as with picture frame hardware.

  2. Hang larger signs by drilling the pilot holes in the sign. Hold the sign in place against the wall. Use the mason's bit through the pilot holes to drill 1/8 inch into the brick face to mark the screw's location.

  3. Drill the hole in the brick for the Tapcon. Hold the sign in place and drive the Tapcon through the sign into the brick.


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